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Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

Delhigigolo is the Most Comprehensive Escort Agency in India,Our Goal is to Guarantee our clients the highest level of attention that is possible in order to our guys their individual requests.delhigigolo provide you perfect guys like Indian Models and highly decent guys and well mannered fully professionals,

Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

As per your choice delhigigolo can give customized male escort who can meet your expectations,We are in this Industry from last two years and not single complaint from our customers,everyone is satisfied who took our service,

Most Importantly we can understand your feelings and privacy things and we will be very confidential in this so you need not to hesitate and you can clarify yours all doubts on phone before take service,you can fully trust on us,

Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

Our Call boys And Play Boys are available for short time,one night stay,Bachelors Party,and Long day tours
Book Call boys And Play Boys two days before you set your sex programme so that we can get adequate time for Flight or Railway Reservation,

Rate depends on service request,Locations(Within state out of state or out of country)and Duration.....
Play boys have a wide options of good looking decent hot genuine guys,Indian models High profile Guys also massage services available-24 hours a day,7 days a week

Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

Women use male escort services for both sexual and non sexual purposes. It's mostly sexual than non sexual. This trend is however more common among the rich and a little aged women.

They are usually bored and alone. Their husbands are usually busy in their work or traveling. Most of their husbands are not in decent shape as well. They don't look good nor can they perform. This leaves the women with a feeling that they are not wanted and unsatisfied. Hence they look for other services
Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

They have the money for a good service and in return they get what they want. A feeling of love, being wanted and satisfaction. All this with the promise of privacy. With these services, the women are away from the drama as well of the person falling in love and wanting to be with them.

Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

Service we are offering:

sex date at your home or in a hotel
naughty date in a restaurant or pub
sensual massage
sauna visit
strip tease
dinner date
business meeting
business trip
theatre or concert
big party or gala
dance party
visit to a swingers club
private party
day trip
premiere of a film or entertainment show
fashion show
shopping day
personal security
private driver
personal assistant
virgin first time

Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

For women, sex is part of life and not heart of life!. So when they hire, they are looking for more than sex and beyond.
Most woman are demusexuals !
Most of my angels (clients) who hire me are looking beyond sex ! (Initially they may say different things)

They are seeking everything that they don't get in their real life which they truly deserve !

They want something new, something different, something unique, something even they really don't know till they explore !.
Male escort, gigolo, call boys service in delhi ncr

Many times they want a good listener !, without being judged !

Most of these angels are less bothered about big muscles and all !

They actually interested to find a great companionship on that day, which end at the end of the day, don't want to get attached in such way to regret later and yet the same time that day they just want to get attached till they/I say bye!

Some of my clients just want hug, most of them want to sleep on my chest and me playing with their hair and massaging their back. They don't want their usual get undressed and penetrate and forget act with the regular destinied partners. They want more on the side of feel loved than feel sexually satisfied. Yes, few are there who wants only good physical sex but these are very rare and most of them are by then on alcohol!

As a gigolo, all I can say is "woman is great product created by God. No man can match her in any good human qualities except may be physical strength".

I have one client, who met me 8 times so far. Beautiful, intelligent, intellectual, caring, compassionate. She has so many good things that, she can termed as perfect dream woman any man would love to keep loving! She didn't had sex till 7th meet !. Still, all the time she paid me more than other clients. So, what she was looking for ? Sex ?, I will say, definitely not pure sex!. She is one of the most beautiful woman out there. She can get almost all men for her for free!, Then why she choose me or any escort ?

Answer lies deep and definitely it's not sex what a women seek in real. Generally, men have so many misconception about women !

Sometimes they are seeking something that's missing in their life and it's not always sex.

I think the woman who finally choose to have sex with a sex worker or me, is one who finally found something that is worth for her to have sex with him/me. For this her main criteria is definitely not physical sex.

She is seeking something what a machine can't give her but only a living soul can !

Contact us
Akash- +918860897378
Sonu- +918930098324
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